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A couple of questions about to buy FFXIV

I was likely to get FFXIV with a buddy but I had a couple of questions regarding the overall game which i desired to get cleared up prior to I designed a buy:

We made a reddit post asking to ascertain if I could make use of somebody's account to reply to these types of concerns myself, but despite the fact that someone decided to allow me to use theirs another user directed me personally to the benchmarking tool that solved the questions "Can We run it?"

Therefore my personal questions are listed below:

One) We played the FFXIV Beta, and during which the sport utilized the software program cursor that created navigating the overall game rather cumbersome unless you were utilizing a strict computer keyboard or even controller set up; offers this problem been solved through Square Enix? I remember there as being a player-made patch during the beta which was not really supported.

2) I do not keep in mind particularly where this was said, but I read which Sq . would expand the chat container functionality by getting you to kind communications longer compared to limited quantity which was in at first, I could barely create a sentence before reaching the character-cap in the talk container. Offers this particular already been remedied?

3) Regarding the armoury system: does spreading your own character between multiple Professions limit your own character by any means, or even can you be each a master Armorsmith along with a grasp Gladiator with sufficient period invested?

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