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A details overview of Final Fantasy XIV new coming patch 2.1

This time it is the main change will introduce the 2.1 patch for Final Fantasy XIV ARR due out late 2013.

Remains to be seen if it's official or just a list of things promised by the producer of the game and pushed the holy cows come home.


Focus of patch 2.1


  • King Moggle Mog XII (level 50).
  • Fights primary mode "extreme."


  • Two dungeons in hard mode.
  • New dungeon: the flagship Sirius (Western Noscea).
  • Opening of the Crystal Tower (raid 24 players).


  • Opening of the Crystal Tower (raid 24 players).
  • Opening of residential neighborhoods.
  • Adding the first PvP (fighting arena 4v4).
  • Treasure hunt on the ground.
  • Boss fights in hard mode.
  • Daily quests Beastmen.
  • Random matchmaking tool mission.
  • Beauty Salon (change of hairstyle, etc..)

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  • Sort objects in the inventory.

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