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A leading writer of both games Guild Wars

The exhibition New York Comic Con studio BioWare and publisher Dark Horse announced guild wars 2 gold a series of mini-comics world Guild Wars.

"A series of mini-comics talk about King Alistair, Isabela and Varrike - says David Geyder leading screenwriter Guild Wars 2. - The three of them went to the anti, exotic country of murderers, in pursuit of a secret from the past Alistair, who had brought the danger to them all ... and reveals the surprising truth about the nature of dragons Thedas.

Here we highlight a few points that fans Guild Wars, perhaps, many have speculated. They are waiting for storylines that we could not reveal anywhere else - continues Geyder. - The script for the comic I write, and as a leading writer of both games Guild Wars, I can confidently say that it fits perfectly into the overall story. Here fans will meet a few favorite characters and gain knowledge about the game world that can not be found anywhere else. Hopefully, buy guild wars 2 gold this will bring you real pleasure.

All these games, TV series, novels, anime, comic books - together they should complement each other. The trick is to combine them into one. "

Write a script to comics Geyderu help Alexander Freed and panache will Chad Hardin.

12-page issue mini-comics will be distributed through Dark Horse app for iOS and digital magazine publishing. "I think most fans of the Guild Wars well versed in the art. Should be, is not it? - Says Geyder the selected format. - This is a great way to introduce them to the Guild Wars comics without having to trudge to the nearest store for purchase. "

Release of the mini-comics will begin February 22, 2012. It is planned to 6 issues, which will be released every two weeks. Price per issue - $ 0.99.

Update: According to the information portal, Trinity seeks not only the gw 2 gold secrets of the past Alistair, but ... Witch Wild Lands. Whether it's Morrigan Flemet or another witch who mentioned Zevranom?

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