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A new online shooter from the creators of Global Agenda

As reported by the foreign company portal Hi-Rez Studios, known for its MMO-project of Global Agenda, set about developing a new multiplayer online shooter called Tribes Universe. Gamers will be asked to choose three warring factions and the ability to personally manage the many models of equipment.

The project will use a third-person view, since Tribes Universe focuses specifically on the Acton-component, rather than the RPG. Developers are betting on the PvP-battle, so the game world is large, seamless, but with no instances. The scale of expected severe: the developers of Hi-Rez Studios promised that the battles will take more than 100 characters at a time for each of the warring parties. Fights will take place both on land and in air. To do this, players will be given a special technique, and jetpacks.

When is the release of Tribes Universe is still unknown, but the developers announced that the alpha-testing the game should start as early as next year. In addition, gamers that play in the Global Agenda, and having at least one character level 50, have promised to give priority in the distribution of tolerances to the test.


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