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Addressing Spam gold

As executive producer Lance Stites time for some of the key issues raised in the Aion community last week, had the address for targeting other issue is a priority for the team here at NCsoft: game traffic money Real (RMT), and advertising as "spam for gold." These activities are something that we are now actively fighting. They are also something that can help us, and something that is constantly challenged necessary in the future.

 We currently have all our teachers to monitor game servers. Chat rooms on the verge of doing so in close collaboration and ban thousands of spammers every day. This form of active management is part of a much larger network of instruments and sensors that use the time to develop a better gaming experience for the Aion community.

 If you do chat messages, there is a way to immediately help their own address and we better gaming experience for all. You can disable the function. All you have to do is on the right mouse button and choose a username for the user to block. Even if this does not work, is a small step that you can do to improve your gaming experience actively. Block the use of the user can also quickly identify spammers.

 We envisage a number of methods to remedy chat spam that has been implemented in previous games, and explore new technologies and what they have to offer to improve your gaming experience. One of the characteristics of Aion will be better next chat filter to reduce the total spam chat. This filter, as well as monitoring new methods of control, is the first of many steps we take to the problem of spam with gold.

 We welcome all suggestions and ideas that have given us. We will continue to visit for other communities around ideas on the fly. "We certainly know how important it is to reaffirm to you and a good gaming is Aion, and that we are facing. Thank you for your patience and for all his contributions.


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