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Advises for swtor pvp players fast level Valor Rank

Last of our article shows the valor rank system of Swtor and have a brief introduction of how to get sets of PVP gear and where you can get it. In this article we will share some advises and how to farm these commendation efficient.

                                 --Share from Powerleveling team.


There are 2 kinds of Commendations: 


Warzone commendations: 

swtor warzonecommendation

This is the currency that you get for doing Warzone, which is used to purchase your PVP gears. 


Ranked Warzone commendations: 

 swtor ranked warzone commendation

This is another currency that you get for doing Ranked Warzone, can be used to purchase your PVP gears too.  For handle in every 30 Warzone commendations, you will get 10 Ranked Warzone Commendations (to do so requires a Valor 40) 


Sign up for Ranked Warzone only require characters at level 50, which the previously created group of 8 people. 


Warzone commendations and Ranked Warzone commendations get for doing the PVP Daily (99 Ranked Warzone commendations and Warzone commendations) and PVP Weekly (300 Ranked Warzone commendations and 300 Warzone commendations) 


GATHERING the gear arm yourself: 


It often happens that new players are entering the Meeting of equipment for PvE, thinking that it will be sufficient. It is an error resulting from the fact that even full Rakata is worse than the set Recruit, due to its lack of EXPERTISE, the stat that the PVP is the most important. 


Recruit Gear :

This set is blue, without any bonuses, fresh 50 get a one-off New Technology mission - access via the terminal in Combat Training Quarter, where we obtain a complete set Recruit. 


Prices Set: 

Wrist - 20500 Credits 

Waist - Credits 20500 

Boots - 26200 Credits 

Ear - 17000 Credits 

Implant - 17000 Credits 

Hands - Credits 26200 

Head - 31700 Credits 

Chest - 31700 Credits 

Main-Hand - 38700 Credits

Off-hand - 19300 Credits

Legs - 31700 Credits 

Champion Relics - 11300 Credits 


If you just reach level 50 and you are lack of  galaxy credits, please contact our live credits sales team, they should be able to provide some help.


Only after equipping your character in this set, you can get started Warzone. We get about 900 EXPERTISE, which should be sufficient to keep down in the fight after a few seconds.


War Hero Gear

Set gain through Warzone commendations, and the cost ranges from 550 to 1550. 


Prices Set: 

Wrist - 550 Warzone commendations 

Waist - 625 Warzone commendations 

Boots - 875 Warzone commendations 

Ear - 625 Warzone commendations 

Implant -625 Warzone commendations 

Hands - 875 Warzone commendations 

Head - 1075 Warzone commendations 

Chest - 1425 Warzone commendations 

Main-Hand - 1550 Warzone commendations 

Off-Hand - 1550 Warzone commendations 

Legs - 975 Warzone commendations 


Elite War Hero gear: You can purchase through Ranked Warzone commendations, and you must have in your inventory equivalent to the item you want to buy the set lower, the War Hero. 


WARNING: it is sufficient that we have an empty shell, which previously we took all the fashion. 


Prices set:

Implant - 1425 Ranked Warzone commendations + 200 Warzone commendations 

Ear - 1425 Ranked Warzone commendations + 200 Warzone commendations 

Boots - War Hero equivalent item + 2000 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Wrists - War Hero equivalent item + 1250 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Offhand - War Hero equivalent + 3475 item Ranked Warzone commendations 

Gloves - War Hero equivalent item + 2000 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Head - War Hero equivalent item + 2425 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Main-Hand - War Hero equivalent item + 3475 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Legs / Robe - War Hero equivalent item + 2225 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Waist - War Hero equivalent item + 1425 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Chest - War Hero equivalent item + 3200 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Relic - 1250 Ranked Warzone commendations + 200 Warzone commendations 


Rated War Hero gear: We can still buy Rated War Hero, which does not are no statistics, and gives only a visual effect (different color for each set). But to do that, we must have adequate Rating, obtained for participation in RWZ. 


Prices Set: 

Rated Boots - Updated 1600 250 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Rated Wrists - Rating 1200, War Hero Wrists + 190 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Rated Gloves - Rating 1400, 250 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Rated Head - Updated 2100 305 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Rated Legs / Robe - Updated 1800 280 Ranked Warzone commendations

Rated Waist - Rating 1200, War Hero Waist + 215 Ranked Warzone commendations 

Rated Chest - Rating 2400, 400 Ranked Warzone commendations


Remember: EXPERTISE plays a key role to your gear’s bonus and check the image below you will know how important it is.

swtor expertise to pvp bonus


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