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Age of Conan Aion Rift

5 years buffed, which are 5 years MMOs, RPGs and other games, gambling, the enthusiastic fans of buffed. For five years you'll find on news and information, guides and quick tips, videos, podcasts and screenshots, reports and opinions about the world of online role-playing games. The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2, Runes of Magic, The Lord of the Rings  rift platinum    Online, Warhammer Online, Age of Conan Aion Rift and got their money -: In the past, in addition to WoW fans including the trailer of Star Wars are and that they should in the future!
Below you read the greetings and thoughts to the buffed-editorial special day. And above all, the editors thank the many users who have kept the faith buffed. With your constructive criticism you for helping us improve the website and also the issue continually, and to do what it is today Germany's biggest portal for online games, for MMOs and RPGs. And for many other topics that interest you. Of course we want to thank not only with words - from 15 clock can be found on a lottery, in which it is to dust off all sorts of great prizes. Just hold on clock from 15 games after winning the lookout.
Florian "Stanglnator" Stangl - Editor in Chief
5 years 5 years is buffed with the coolest community that I know. For 5 years, millions of users determine the topics we cover every day. We celebrate today not only 5 years buffed, but especially you - you've made the most important MMO website in German-speaking, and she made especially for your side. Many thanks for this and the next 5 years!
Alexander "Eglareth" Geltenpoth - Editorial Director buffed-Magazin
Happy Birthday! Who would have thought five years ago, that could be buffed again to take this role? A great success, which is an excellent combination of editorial and community contributions due. Especially because not only buffed a topic - World of Warcraft - illuminated, but covers many other MMO's and RPG, the Internet portal and the associated magazine over the next five years will appreciate very popular. Congratulations to team and community!
Oliver "Storyteller" Haake - Managing Editor buffed-Magazin
Five years buffed and it's still incredibly Bock to work for this website and the magazine to share with the community. That gave me back the Meet & Greet with our users shown on the Gamescom. In the decade that we make full and also stay the biggest portal for online games in Germany.
Simon "Dandeloo" Fistrich - Managing Editor
A WoW database to build an editorial page - it can really work? I still remember the doubters that welcomed then-press release on the establishment of rather amused and gave the project three months. Five years later there's still - something we must therefore have been correct. The largest share of success you have. Without community would already be on the first meters of steam is assumed. Send us continue your praise, your criticism and your suggestions for improvements - in this sense for the next five years!


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