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Aion is live!

Welcome and visit us in the world of Aion! Our servers are online as planned, 12:00 PDT (20:00 BST, 21:00 EST). Myriads of players are connected to our servers are quickly filled. Conducted to prevent the server to get overcrowded and suffer from the problems of latency, we have a system waiting to shuttle players in servers than other leaves. We want to play the game for everyone involved in the gaming world. The system queue will continue in ever-changing population of each server, and the ease of acceleration, if you can check. If you receive a message informing about the fact that too many users are currently connected, which means that the queue is full.


- Be aware that you are now able to create 8 characters and not the 2 for the projection.

- If the starting area is a little too small for your liking, you can change a "channel" in the menu on the side of the mini-map. Go to "support", then "Change Channel".


We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the queues in our servers to learn the most popular but also the hope that you and appreciate over the long term benefits and the quality of the game that come with them.


Aion Enjoy!

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