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APB Rising From the Ashes, Going Free to Play

Realtime Worlds was shut down and its latest MMO, APB, went along with it. The game didn’t do too well at retail and didn’t have many paying players, but the community got very vocal when the game shut down and they lost their investment a short amount of time after buying the game. Thanks to their concern, the IP of the game has been purchased by GamersFirst.

Reloaded Productions, wholly owned subsidiary of GamersFirst, is now in charge and will be re-tooling the game for a Free to Play release in the first half of 2011. Those of you who bought APB when it originally released are still somewhat screwed, but at least you’ll have a chance to get back to playing the game you enjoy for no cost. Maybe original players will get some sort of bonus when the game relaunches.

GamersFirst did make an effort to buy out Realtime Worlds in an effort to prevent job loss, but a deal wasn’t able to be reached. Hopefully the talented team finds new work soon and can keep producing great games.

Will any of you be picking up APB when it drops for free in 2011? CrimeCraft has the same model, but I don’t think many of you are playing that either.

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