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Are There Some Advantage to Playing F2P in SWTOR

There is always an argument about if it is good for a game to become free to play. Definitely my answer is yes because of the SWTOR's new F2P model recently. That new model has definitely saved the game, and it is also have a lot of fun.

I know that some people may argued that most games that have moved from subscription to free-to-play are "using a hybrid model, where the free-to-play is a trial and then what they really want is the users to move on to whatever they've called what used to be a subscription."

So anyway, the benefit of SWTOR's F2P model is that you can play the leveling game without paying a dime. If you're starting fresh as a free player, you can spend a little bit of money in the Cartel Market so that swtor credits eu you are bumped up to preferred status. This will grant you the regular items you would gain by playing the game, like sprint at level 15 and a cargo bay when you earn your ship.

What's more, the Cartel Market in the game is also a lot of fun, especially for those who already have a subscription. I know for certain that one player on my server spent approximately $300 just on Cartel Coins. A close friend of mine spent $80 on coins. If they can afford it and are having fun, then more power to them.

So my question is that what is the most important thing for you in a free-to-play model? Have you enjoyed yourself in the SWTOR F2P model?

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