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Are You Ready for the SWTOR New Update

It seems that the question I asked above is really redundant because I know if you are a hardcore players, your answer will be definitely a "yes". In fact, the Star Wars: The Old Republic fans have been anticipating this week since the middle of the summer, and many players who dropped the game shortly swtor credits buy after launch are looking forward to trying it out again. You are fully prepared, aren't you?

I know that Veteran players are most likely familiar with how gear progression works in this game, but those returning will probably need a refresher course. After all, BioWare has made some significant changes, especially to PvP, since the game launched. It's quite understandable if you return to the game and are completely lost when considering how viable your current gear is.

I played the game very early on up until the servers shut down and then because a huge Star Wars Galaxies fan. On November 15th, 2005, Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts with Producer Julio Torres launched the most significant change to the title: the New Game Enhancements. Many fans of the game quit shortly after the release of this change to the combat system.

However, I don't believe that SWTOR producers are intentionally releasing free-to-play on this date for any reason other than that it is the ready date for the product. But as a SWTOR fan, I'm hoping that these two changes that hold a similar purpose don't hold a similar outcome. Are you excited about this?

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