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Are You Still Playing Star Wars: The Old Republic

We do remember that we had posted to say that there are many reasons for loving the SWTOR and this game is not dying any all. Since it will be F2P in a couple of days, we are even surer about that.

Like many fans of SWTOR, I was introduced to BioWare with the 2003 Game of the Year Knights of the Old Republic. Now, I had played Star Wars games before, and besides the Dark Forces series, none really swtor items captured the feeling from those by-gone days of travelling through hyperspace. Needless to say, Revan's story knocked Kyle Katarn's story into the Sarlacc pit. It wasn't just the story, either; your character made real and meaningful choices that had consequences.

It's a familiar theme with MMOs. They have impressive sales at release, then tank after the first couple of months. It happened with Warhammer, Star Trek, Rift and a long list of other MMOs. Some have taken longer to die than others, but in recent years almost every new MMO has had impressive sales figures at release only to end up on life support before the year is out. None of them had any real staying power.

So that's why I am still playing SWTOR now and I had fun in the game. SWTOR's sales number show there's a lot of interest in the game and millions of gamers are putting it through it's paces, but will all those gamers start subscribing? Will this game succeed where so many other MMOs have failed?

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