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ARMH starts exhumacin 250 people were shot and buried in a park

The Association for Recovery will of Historical Memory (ARMH) today began work to recover the remains of 250 people reprisals during the Civil War and buried in Taringa what was the cemetery of Palencia and today is the park's Carcavilla.
Early in the morning has begun to work the machine to uncover the graves of this sector of the old cemetery, now a playground, where apb cash estn at least 250 people, of the 495 repressed there buried in what was the municipal cemetery.
A noise that have closely followed the many relatives of the victim, stationed around the hope and anxiety in the face drawn and eyes fixed on the machine that has begun to restore peace to them nothing in the past.
"It's always the same gesture. Expectaciny The same old faces of anguish," said Manuel Muoz as representative of the Association for Recovery will of Historical Memory of Palencia.
And this time the magnitude of changes exhumacin, the more large that it undertakes in Palencia, but not "the sensitivity and feelings" surrounding this type of action.
The expectacin is also greater because it affects many places in the province,, buy apb cash, some 25 In addition to the capital, recalled Muoz.
Some of them, as Dueas, Villaviudas monsoon, have been arriving family members who have sat on the banks of what was the sector 1 of the cemetery, now occupied by a playground in the park Palencia The Carcavilla.
Flix, Nico Pillar or they name a common story that was repeated many times, the father, brother, mother, torn from his family for nothing or be related to the Repblica or union membership, or be mayors, councilors and MPs.
More than 70 years despus Pilar Felix or want to get his father, the first to deposit with his mother and rest in peace, and also as l rest "once and for all" because "the anger dissipates over time but the memory lasts forever," he assured.
The second because even though you carry off seventy years knowledge knowing where his remains estn "trampled" by all who tread this park.
Nico's story is no different, look to your quad to bury his remains next to his parents and siblings.
His crime: being the treasurer of the Young Marxists and so killed him with 25 years.
"We know his executioner, but we will not remove anything, only to recover his remains to rest with his family, with the dignity they deserve anyone," he assured.
Almudena Garca, Unit Autonomous University anthropologist and archaeologist in charge of the work, explained to that in this case the complexity is relative because everything is very well documented as it even has estn the planes where the graves are known the names of all those people, including the history and inquisitorial trial data that condensed to death.
Exhumacin work, which prolongarn for a month, have a subsidy from the Ministry of the Presidency issued to four family groups created for that purpose and with the collaboration of voluntary partnerships Recovery will Historical Memory of Palencia, Valladolid and Aranda de Duero.

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