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Arrested DNA matches that found in French crime scene

The genetics of a sample of the eight arrested for the murder of two French tourists in Argentina's Salta province nortea match those found at the crime scene, sources court.
The comparison of DNA was positive in the case of Gustavo Lasi, sealed sources cited by the state agency dcuo cash , which indicated that the preliminary report with the results of these have already been drawn,
The skills were made in the faculty of biochemistry at the University of Buenos Aires, they said.
The bodies of the French tourists and Houria Cassandre Moumni Bouvier were found July 29 in a path of the Quebrada de San Lorenzo, a nature reserve on the outskirts of Salta.
A survey has confirmed that the twoyoung people of 29 and 24 years, were shot between 13 and 14 days before the discovery of their cadveres, who showed signs of violacin.
The results of the report of the Body of tax investigations of Salta is ruled hiptesis that both remained abducted between buy dcuo cash 15 and 29 July.
For the double murder detained Caizares Fernanda Mara, 24 years, daughter of a EXPOLIVA skipping, her boyfriend, Gustavo Lasi and his brother, Frederick Caizares, an aspiring polic a.
Also arrested were Walter Lasi, Gustavo's father, Santos Vera, employee safety and Omar Ramos, a Tourist's guide stroll in which were found cadveres of French young people.
The remaining detainees are Vilte Daniel, 24 years, who is accused of having relationship with 22-caliber gun used to murder, and Ral Sarmiento, a laborer who was serving time in ATRS Jump through sexual abuse.
Caizares Fernanda Mara, who pleads not guilty in court, tena in possession of a mobile telephone and a camera belonging to the French fotogrfica and, according to the young was her boyfriend who gave him the items.


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