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BBC Said Diablo 3 Auction House Cheating Has Become a Weapon of Wealth

Diablo 3 sold 350 million copies in the first day of releasing. This is undoubtedly a landmark achievement. Blizzard is also very satisfied to create a new record for the best-selling PC game. However, the BBC News Channel reporter Mark buy diablo 3 gold Ward has his different views. Recently, he wrote an article and criticized the "real money auction" system in the game.

The article maintains that Blizzard has broken the established policy in the World of Warcraft - prohibiting the players make equipment trading outside the game. However, Diablo III not only allows the players to do so, Blizzard also takes one pound or 15% of the price for each transaction in the auction house.

However, it was thought by some people that this is a last resort by Blizzard, because large numbers of illegal underground World of Warcraft transactions are actually exist. Objectively speaking, the players also have this demand. This eventually forced Blizzard to open and legalize such behaviors. On the one hand, they can meet the demand of players' and convenient for supervision, and on the other hand, it can earn large sum of money at the same time.

Unfortunately, this also cheap diablo 3 gold caused a strong interest of the goldsmith farmers. There was even a goldsmith farmer in an interview claimed that he could manage all of the 100 game accounts at the same time. 60 million gold (about 58 pounds) can be farmed only in one hour. But the more serious problem which is hidden is that the goldsmiths farmers are usually steal other players’ accounts for their own profit. Blizzard has blocked a number of obviously suspicious accounts.

Although the Diablo 3 is the first game masterpiece to legalize the real money transactions, there are also many similar situations appear in some social games. On one hand, Blizzard has to diablo 3 gold make efforts to combat cheating and keep the game safe. On the other hand, it is also explore the real money trading system actively to make money. I think maybe this will become a trend in the gaming industry.

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