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Be Efficient to Level Up with SWTOR Credits

Credits in SWTOR always are not enough for leveling up, right? So that's why always need more SWTOR credits. And that's why there are always so many guides for crafting credits in the game. Today,swtor credits we gonna introduce you some basic ones here.

Completing Missions
This is the most basic way to get credits in SWTOR. If you take on your class quests you'll move through your class progression which opens up new areas, planets and other bonuses.

Completing missions also provides you with a fair amount of credits, a moderate gain in experience points and, sometimes, a nice item for a reward as well. Heroic quests generally give the biggest bang for your buck. Plus, they are repeatable. Keep in mind, though, as you progress through levels the lower level heroic quests will provide less and less XP and credits. At level 10 you may get 3,000+ experience but at level 35+ you can get as few as 5.

Join a Group and Kill
One of the easiest and fastest ways to get SWTOR credits, experience and even valuable items is by forming a group of 3 or more players and taking on quests or fighting. When you are playing as a group you gain experience every time a player in the group gets a kill. You can also take on larger hordes of enemies, more difficult quests and more to get tons of credits and useful item drops.

Explore the Galaxy
In fact, this is a very simple way to earn experience points. In most cases when you come across an undiscovered area you will buy swtor credits get a notification saying your SWTOR codex has been updated. When this happens, you not only get the location mapped on your mini-map but you are also awarded with a handful of XP.

Anyway, if you really like to play SWTOR and you do want more credits in the game, you can search some guides on the Google and you can also buy some through the online shop. This is the fastest and the most effective way to level up quickly in the game.

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