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BioWare Has Forced to Change SWTOR's F2P Restrictions

I am pretty sure that you have already known the news because I posted to tell you yesterday and the day before. However, I picked up this topic again and I know some of you may not know the whole thing clearly.

Everybody knows that the SWTOR's gearing up for a F2P relaunch, but there are some nearly moon-sized restrictions keeping it grounded. Fortunately, after initial complaints and some time on test servers, BioWare's seen fit to scale them back–if only just a bit.

BioWare's lead systems designer Damion Schubert, he took to the forums to outline not only the changes, but the overarching mentality behind them. First up, he noted that free players will now gain access to a second quick slot bar, the option to do five Warzones per week instead of three, and a shorter temporary bind on Cartel Coin items. Perhaps even more significant, however, is BioWare's  swtor power leveling stance on potential future tweaks.

In fact, it's good to hear that BioWare's open to more change, this also paints a pretty clear picture of the problem at hand. SWTOR was designed as a subscription-based MMO. Subscribers are its backbone, and I've heard of very few surgeries that involved tearing out something's spine that went well. As a result, though, we're talking about a Star Wars MMO that will actively prevent people from having wars among the stars.

Anyway, it is always good to see that the game maker is open enough to accept reasonable ideas about the F2P mode of SWTOR. And all these changes are based on the beta feedbacks, which really make BioWare a responsible company, do you think so?

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