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BioWare Makes Every Effort to Keep SWTOR Alive

Sometimes it is really sad to know that the game we love so much is going downhill. The most typical one is the Star Wars: The Old Republic. It had created a very excellent success, but now, swtor credits it is forced to change its playing mode.

Now the game maker, EA and Bioware created an all new way for Star Wars fans to enjoy the far away universe with SWTOR MMORPG. The online game's release was highly anticipated, as was the conversion to free-to-play up-to level 15. Yet the hype and fandom wasn't enough to keep the public's interest and the game now has less than a million subscribers.

Just like what I said above, it's always sad to see a game's decline; players have to wonder what went wrong? While fans claim SWTOR has an above average story for an MMO there's also a long list of reasons for why it's not as good as other MMORPG's on the market. The game suffered from many a bug, some of which certain players found advantageous. Others complain of an unsatisfying end game and little thought through expansions.

However, for those who love the Star Wars universe so much, SWTOR is still the MMO of choice yet a game that relies on players investing a lot of time and a bit of money is disappointing to those expecting the excellence found in other Bioware titles set in the Star Wars universe like KOTOR I & II. EA may consider the game a lost cause and its future is grimmer than a slave's in Jabba's palace if that's the case.

On the last day of July, the company stated that the game would be going free-to-play in the fall. Less than a year from its release the conversion to a completely F2P model may be a last ditch effort swtor credits to keep it alive. However, the Star Wars MMORPG will need more than a price reduction to keep a sustainable player base. Anyway, the game has its own points and if you really love it, just go ahead.

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