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BioWare Opened New High-Population Test Server for SWTOR Patch 1.4

Although the company was troubled by the problems of lay off employees, BioWare is still taking care of one of its masterpieces, Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) currently. As we all know, the game is free to play, however, BioWare still stands with us players.

Actually, recently BioWare is looking to increase the current server population caps for SWTOR with some new tech in preparation of the upcoming forced server migrations for characters buy swtor credits remaining on their origin servers from earlier this year. To aid in testing out the new tech, and hopefully to avoid melting the universe when it goes live, BioWare has opened a new temporary public test server.

And this time, BioWare "need your help". In order to help the testing, any player that has a character located on the East Coast server have automatically had their characters copied to the new test server to aid in the testing. Once the tech is tested and deployed, characters remaining on an origin server will be moved to one of the new high population destination servers.

As you may also have known, duplicates of all the characters across the US East Coast have occurred.

"If you have any characters on an East Coast server, you can now log in to this special Public Test Server, find your copied characters, and begin testing this important feature today, September 13th." All bugs should be reported on the Public Test Server Forum, said the firm.

If you are already testing Game Update 1.4 content on the regular Public Test Server, don't worry: your characters will remain unaffected.

Anyway, just like I said above that it's still glad to know that the game developer is still caring for the game we like so much. If you want to know more about the test, check their official announcement.

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