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Black-Cyan Sabers Are Coming in SWTOR 1.4 Patch

We all know that the SWTOR is really a good MMORPG, and there are many people like to play it. Although it is now free to play, it is actually good for both the company and players. And now we also know that the company is still taking swtor credits care of the game and players, which is the thing that really counts.

We all know that SWTOR going free to play is big news. But what we don't know yet is just how big it might be for the game itself. I personally know a lot of people who say they will play if it goes free now it is.

It's apparent that black based sabers are really popular in SWTOR, especially with end-game users. Everywhere you look you see people with them and fewer people with more traditional colored sabers. Playing on this trend, we might see some new sabers in 1.4.

Rare crystals are very popular in the game. It's fun to hunt for them and to have the bragging rights of having a rare saber color. But if they make it too hard to get, players get frustrated so what you often see is tons of people with the 'rare' saber because it was so popular, which of course, drops the rarity of it. If the black-cyan sabers are coming,buy swtor credits this might be just what we see with them.

They've been around the game for awhile now but not attainable, except through exploiting a bug but now we may finally be getting Black-Cyan sabers to SWTOR. In the image from TORhead you can see the crystal but we don't actually know where or how you get it yet.

SWTOR is looking for a change and the things are moving forward. Cyan has long been the PvP color so maybe the black-cyan crystal will be some type of PvP reward. What do you think? Do you think all of this will work?

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