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Buying a computer for FFXIV

Ultimately at some point after buy FFXIV will get their own behave togather so far as the graphics are worried I would ultimately prefer to run the mulit-screen 3D thingie or whatever it is called. Of course I'm not gonna spend that sort of money right now, using the things because they are.

I've not had any kind of issues with my GTX 460 and don't feel like pressing my personal good fortune through upgrading early. As well as I will probably conserve a lot of money through waiting around.

In fact, I am actually eager to get FFXIV up and running on Ubuntu, but I need to watch for this other laptop computer I am getting through my parents. My dad just received a replacement with regard to function and his old the first is allegedly sufficiently good to run FFXIV, so if it's I'll possess the time to fiddle around and get FFXIV operating on linux system correctly.

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