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Can Diablo III Real Money Auction House Fight Against the Third Party Market

As we know, Diablo III's "Real Money Auction House" is delayed again and again. This time the new date is expected to June 12th. Actually, Blizzard is trying their hands in the micro transaction sales model with this “Real Money Auction House" system.

The Auction House will allow players of "Diablo 3" to earn real money buy diablo 3 gold through the sale of rare drops in the game. It will give players access to rare items and gold using your hard earned cash, deposited straight into your account. But will the Auction House be able to put up a fight against the inevitable third party market?
The fees of the Real Money Auction House are straightforward. Blizzard will charge a fee of $1.00 USD per auction house item, regardless of the transaction amount. These transactions come right out of your account balance, which can be funded by credit card, or PayPal. For those of you that prefer using PayPal or another authorized payment-service provider, you'll be charged 15% of diablo 3 gold the dollar amount transferred.

Diablo 3 is a large-scale online game with large amount of players. Blizzard is in control of the in-game economy, but ultimately they're going to have to price it competitively if they want to truly make a difference. At this point in the game, a real answer seems uncertain—like in real-world stock markets, supply and demand causes inflation diablo iii gold on the rates of game items and currency.
Anyway, it is still too early to tell whether Blizzard's rates are reasonable enough to retain their customer base. And it's also remains diablo 3 gold to see that if it's completely secure for buyers to access through Blizzard themselves.

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