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ChevronWP7: First Jailbreak for Windows Mobile 7 in the Internet

Windows Mobile 7 has its first jailbreak. ChevronWP7 avoids the central app store of your smartphone and lets the user install and do not have this software available.

For Windows Mobile 7, it is now a ERest jailbreak. Microsoft should of course do not like. For Windows Mobile 7 now a first jailbreak was released, the answers to the name ChevronWP7. Similar to the iPhone from Apple is Windows Mobile 7 to a central App Store, there are additional sources of any software. A major difference with previous Windows Mobile versions. So if you want to install other software looks in the tube. By ChevronWP7 this restriction is bypassed. As the developers point out, could the jailbreak for Windows Mobile 7 will always be reversed because he put the appropriate text only in the so-called Developer Mode.

In addition, it was hackers have already managed to make a Windows-based Smartphone Phone 7 on the PC as a mass recognizable. Thus, for example, can play music files without additional software, Zune will be dubbed. This must be done on connected Windows PC users to change only three registry entries.

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