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The word lore refers back to the folklore or tale at the rear of Final Fantasy XIV. A very tough scenario has come to light in the world associated with Hydaelyn, where Eorzean people seek to thrive among 10 animal tribes and the aggressiveness from the Garlean Kingdom.

The Garleans, taking advantage of technical superiority, aim to overcome Eorzea. Nevertheless, amongst the numerous religions as well as relationships woven between the beast tribes, adventurers established to protect their countries. Among the key tools of any adventurer may be the capacity to experience again their previous with the unexplainable "The Replicate." This particular celestial capability may be for that better, or for the actual worst. The actual setting with regard to FFXIV appears to be 10 years after the initial summoning on of the primals, superior spirits that give power for their summoners.

The North lands of Ala Mhigo happen to be overcome by The Garlean Kingdom, although the rest of the five city-states aim to fortify and prepare for the next attack by the Garleans, fixated within the Northeast. Together, players associated with FFXIV will seek to defend their houses and buddies from The Garlean Kingdom, whilst discovering the strategies of the "The Echo," the primals, and also the Twelve. During this period, they will experience a number of buddies as well as enemies within the various beast tribes. Via working together and meticulous initiatives, outdoorsmen and soldiers as well will surely prepare to provide the solid opposition towards the qualified and threatening gaze from the Garlean Empire.

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