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Comparison of KillTen Rats between GW2 and WoW

 KillTenRats offers a guide for players of World of Warcraft who are tempted by Guild Wars 2. The guide then gives us the differences and similarities between these two games.

Unlike its predecessor, Guild Wars 2 will not be instantiated outside of personal history, dungeons and its neighborhood. Guild Wars 2 will be an open world like World of WarCraft. The maximum level of the second branch will not be 20, but 80 just as the giant of MMOs, cons by the progress curve Guild Wars 2 will be stable, unlike that of World of WarCraft where it is exponential. Guild Wars 2, there will be a sidekick system, which our effectiveness can be increased or decreased depending on the person with whom we group or zone. Just like World of WarCraft, equipment Guild Wars 2 will be more effective depending on the level of the character.
Unlike World of WarCraft, placement in combat in Guild Wars 2 will have its importance can completely block an attack in the first case where it might have worked with the percentage system. The equipment will be less important in combat for players beating the ground well in Guild Wars 2. The teleport system to reach areas in order to group with friends will always be part of Guild Wars 2 in exchange for a small fee to save the game time in Guild Wars 2, the event system Dynamic replaces the conventional system of quests.
Unlike World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 will offer players a personal story, which will be the quest of the character. Several decisions will affect the player's personal history. The skill system in Guild Wars 2 will differ from system to launch soon in other MMOs. Like the first component, the second will have a fixed skill bar from eight to ten competencies (five skills will be determined by the choice of weapons, skill and competence elite will be reserved for care, the other three being utilities). Guild Wars 2 will retain the same economic system as the first step in that only the purchase of the game box will be required to play, there will be no monthly subscription.
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