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Cryptic Star Trek Online

First few days showed that the Perpetual Enterainmentet pulled from the Star Trek Online project. After a few months ago was already reported, and yet we know too much information, could guess that this will be the end. However, the internet quickly grind mills, as a Russian peasant freezes in the steppe, it seems there are already candidates, who will be glad completes Address.

The rumors that Cryptic Studios (City of Heroes / Villains fejlesztőbrigádja) has been negotiating with the producers of any megbízásért, and after we have already seen their quality, it's a very good change may be - provided that it will prove to be true, it is not confirmed by Warner Bros. these "légből the information", but as we all know, if something is not invalidated, it is half the cash available.

The próbakörben they can take part in the game of sto credits előrendelték, or selected partner sites - such as Shacknews or FilePlanet - through the hold of a qualifying code to download the client, but who would have missed those opportunities, even get into. Only need to register the game's official website, and maybe you also got a ticket.

Testing is also a relatively short time, it is only open until 26 January, but this time frame, so everyone should evolve to one opinion about the game, to decide whether to withdraw to the pre orders or not.

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