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DC Universe Online

Mixing genres tend generally to have mixed results - sometimes you get something amazing that Deus Ex, and there are sometimes a bit half to pot.
The latter category has proven to be true for most MMO's that have gone on to mix the genre's traditional dice-based and turordnade contrary, the collection of bears lungs that not all bears are, and so on, with various other elements.
DC Universe Online tries to mix what we like to call character action - God of War for example - with a great MMO genre's traditional bars, and it goes a bit like that.
The developer SOE has also gone on to release the game on two very different platforms: the PlayStation 3 and PC, each with its unique audience has certain expectations of a game, while the control methods are very different. They have almost tried to make it hard for themselves, and it shows quite frequently in the PC version I've played.
Some things is very limited console, and some things I do not see at all how they would work on a console. It is a divided game, and obviously this has to do with the game's unwillingness to settle on a platform. DCUO's excitable and combo-based combat suits appeared to move better with a controller, but then these conflicts quickly very vague and a little vague because it is difficult to select targets to attack.
If instead you play with mouse and keyboard, it will be tighter, but then arises the problem that you are forced to use the mouse to combine weapons attacks. It then becomes much hold the left mouse button, pressing right, hold down the left again, pressing the left, and so on. It is not quite as easy as pressing the different buttons on a control, but it is still the better option in this case.
The fighting is after all quite entertaining despite the lack of controls, and that's thanks to combined system to a large extent. It gives the game a high tempo and really underlines action part, and even if there are long and sophisticated combinations it is working. The combat system is closely linked to how you selected the forces and weapons for your character. First of all, you choose your power, and all that is reasonably cool, choose Gadgetry, for then you are Batman. There are well-those who are not as cool as Batman, however, and for you there are Fire, Ice, Nature, Sorcery and Mental to choose from.
All forces can be played as a DPS, in other words, your primary goal in a group is to do damage, but everyone also has a secondary role. Nature and Sorcery, entire, Fire and Ice can be tanks, taking damage from enemies, and eventually mental and Gadgetry be Controllers.
It is fairly standard until the latter two, and this role is somewhat unique for DCUO Cash
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