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DFUW: What Do You Think It Will Become

If you want to spend two hours reading the threads in the official Darkfall forums for the upcoming game Darkfall: Unholy Wars, you may be totally disappointed by the numerous complains about the game, even though it hasn't be released yet.

But we still can talk about the previous version DF1 now. The game was severely affected by early bugs and exploits that weren't addressed by AV. This resulted in a massive gap between the haves and has not after a short period. The skill gain patch failed to address the gap, because the have's had the resources to grind up even quicker and the gap actually increased.

After that, the game was in a steady downward spiral that it could never recover from, because the rate of new subs was too slow. AV had realized their beta needed a major overhaul and they've done it. They spent their time trying to flog a dead horse, we wouldn't be about to play a much better version of the dfuw gold farming.

But we have to say that this is a conquest PvP game. The game becomes an arena of contrived fights if there are no people. Hopefully AV has been able to produce a game that retains population and provides enough diversity and progression mechanics to keep people engaged.

Nothing is perfect, though. As a player of this highly anticipated game, the only thing we can do it to wait, right? What do you the new game will be?

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