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Diablo 3 Difficulty Increased in the Patch 1.0.5

We all know that the patch 1.0.5 is available now for US players of Diablo 3. Of course if you are not an US player for the game, you may not know the new features in the patch 1.0.5. What will the new patch bring to us? According to the player in US, the new patch has increased the game's difficulty.

In fact, back in when the game was firstly released, one of the several complaints fans had with Diablo 3 gold sale was that it lacked the challenge that Diablo 2 boasted of. So now Blizzard is looking to fix this problem. With the new patch- patch 1.05, Blizzard is looking to increase the difficulty of the game, making adjustments to XP, loot, monster levels and more.

What's more, Blizzard is increasing the difficulty on all modes, but they've got crazy as hell in the Inferno mode - monster health increases thanks to a new system called Monster Powers, XP gained increases by 160 percent, magic and gold find by 250 percent, damage by 371 percent and the chances of getting a bonus item by a rounded 100 percent.

If you are a hardcore diablo fan, and if that isn't enough to please you, I honestly don't know what will.

What's more, there is a new device called the Infernal Machine will allow Level. 60 players "to battle "uber" versions of some of Sanctuary's most nefarious bosses" which will present the players with rewards if they succeed, which probably won't be very easy.

In addition to the above, there are many other general changes to the Auction House, and the game itself have been made with this gargantuan patch. Are you looking forward it or have you already enjoyed the patch 1.0.5 of Diablo 3?

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