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Diablo 3 Items and Commodities Are Now Sold in the RMAH

Several days ago, I saw a post in the Blizzard's official site says that the items and commodities are coming soon to the Diablo III's RMAH (Real Money Auction House). And now they are really come. Till now, the RMAH has been launched for almost one month.

In an email to Kotaku (and on its official blog), Blizzard said as part of a patch released today that Diablo III's auction buy diablo 3 gold house will now let you buy and sell gems, dyes, crafting materials, blacksmithing plans and jeweler designs and training pages. The Diablo 3 items and commodities are now live in the RMAH.

Diablo 3 players cannot, however, sell their in-game gold for real world currency yet via the real-money auction house. Blizzard says in an update that it hopes to enable gold commodity sales "in the near future." Diablo 3's real-money auction house was launched in June, but limited player-to-player diablo 3 gold sale sales to weapons, armor and other equipment.

In fact, the addition of commodity sales in the real-money auction house hit alongside the 1.0.3b patch to Diablo 3. It is a part of the patch's plan. The patch addresses a handful of gameplay and auction house bugs.

You must be very glad to hear this new because this means that it is now possible for players to sell their dyes, gems, crafting materials, plans and design for actual profit. However, The system is currently operational for the US and does not yet buy diablo 3 gold seem to be live for Europe. But of course this is expected to change in the near-future.

Rushster, who wrote the update, added that another user going by the name of Flux remarked that legendary crafting material Fiery Brimstone is currently selling for $0.37, while dyes are going for $0.25. The site also provides a Valuation Forum so that prospective sellers and buyers can check the trade value of various items.

And now, Rushster and other members of the community expected this change diablo 3 gold after datamining the game's latest patch last week. Now it's just a matter of time for the system to be implemented in other regions. Let's just wait and see.

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