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Diablo 3 US Cash Auction House Formally Launched On Time

After a long period of restoration, the cash auction of U.S. service finally restarted on time. In the game you can see the cash auction by clicking it. Its officially opening time given by Blizzard is June 13th, and it is trustworthy. Currently, the cash auction services in regions diablo 3 gold other than U.S. have not yet formally opened. Here are some instructions:

"Diablo 3" cash auction is opened in the Americas. It can support the currencies including U.S. dollar, Australian dollar and Mexican Bissau. Through the cash auction, players can buy and sell the booty found in the game, and they can also make cash transactions through the certified third-party means of payment services or balance account.

The cash auction in European regions and other currencies of the Americas (such as Argentina Bissau and Brazil Currency) will be open at a diablo 3 gold later date. Blizzard said they separated the expansion of cash auction because they want to ensure that all players can have the smoothest and best game experience. They will make an announcement before the opening of cash auction in European regions and other currencies of the Americas.

To access the cash auction, you need to click the "auction" button on the left side of the character selection screen. Then button in the upper right corner of the auction house interface is the currency of your area. This button allows the players to switch between gold coins auction and real money auction. Latin American players will be able to choose to transact through the U.S. dollar,diablo iii gold Australian dollar and Mexican Bissau.

Anyway, this means that the Diablo III U.S. service has been firstly completed the 1.0.2c patch update. The highly anticipated cash auction has formally launched! But please notice that you cannot use the cash auction under the expert mode!

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