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Diablo III is Back Online With Significant Changes in 1.0.3 Patch

One day ago, Diablo III servers were offline to make maintenance for the patch 1.0.3. And now the Diablo 3's servers have come back online earlier than expected, bringing big changes to the game with patch 1.0.3, as promised. Primarily in response to player concerns, many of the changes tweak diablo 3 gold high-level item drops, reevaluate Inferno difficulty, and make drastic reductions to crafting and training Artisans.

The patch 1.0.3 brings back many changes in the game. Firstly, players who have unlocked the "Inferno" difficulty will be more impacted by today's sizable update. According to the patch notes (after the break), difficulty in Acts 2-4 have been reduced to be more in line with Act 1, which is no slouch.

Secondly, the repair costs have also seen a substantial increase for level 60 players/gear, making death a costly scenario and killing our hopes of grinding out Whimsyshire pony runs for top-end gear. One welcome change is tweaks to champion packs and their loot drops; guaranteeing rare drops diablo 3 gold in some cases (specifically when defeated under five stacks of Nephalem Valor).

However, currently, the auction house feature is offline. Some players have contacted Blizzard to find out when it will become active again, but has yet to hear back at the time of publishing.

Patch 1.0.3 tweaks the Inferno difficulty level, fixes countless bugs and adjusts the availability of high-end items to promote a wider variety of play styles.

Individual character classes have their own range of new skills and damage caps,diablo 3 powerleveling while the effectiveness of boss spells has been increased or reduced depending on the difficulty level.

If you're not familiar with Diablo, then this might help explain how the game works: click, click, and click.

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