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Diablo III Real Money Auction House is Good or Bad

Diablo III has been released for exactly two months. Not long ago this popular RPG game was still has its fair share of praises and critics. And now bad news is coming on their ways. From the servers shut down on the launch day to the real money buy diablo 3 gold auction house exploits with item dupping, Diablo 3 is now having a not very good reputation which Blizzard really don't mean to create for itself.

Several days ago, the Diablo III's RMAH was found to be hacked by players who were purchasing items at knocked down prices. They were trying to sell the items in the auction house for double or even treble of their original prices. The game developer Blizzard immediately saw that this involved the real money auction house in and therefore they had to close it down.

What we want to know is where are the new installments that Blizzard spent so much time on the RMAH? Or maybe Blizzard thinks that the gameplay which is lack of effective management diablo 3 gold sale is better? Well, in my opinion, Blizzard paid more attention to the online things such as the RMAH rather than the gameplay itself and the lifespan of the game, which are actually more important for a game.

There is only one question that we should ask ourselves or Blizzard. Is having a really cool new feature added into the game as a bonus better than the lifespan of a game or even gameplay itself? So was Blizzard's Diablo 3 good or bad after all?

Or we can make things simpler. Blizzard can just close the Real Money Auction diablo 3 gold House just like the Korea Server does until the whole auction system is get stronger and has less bugs. In fact, I don't even think the real money auction house is legal because there are no other parties than Blizzard itself has the regulatory powers, even though buy diablo 3 gold this is the real money, not the virtual currency or gold.

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