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Do Blizzard know that D3 hurts in the last second

I would say that Blizzard rushed D3 to the beta, in hopes of creating their 2013 launch. Other Blizzard games in recent years proceeded to go in to experiment with with nothing however last sprucing up as well as balancing left. D3 was still being focusing on abilities for the chars, items had been nowhere near prepared, runes had been having a main revision, resources were still becoming modified, etc.

Essentially, if we were within May 2011 at this time, there is no way they'd end up being beta testing yet. They'd still be entirely crisis setting, seeking in to experiment with within A few months to make their own late This year release target.

Rather these people tried to rush issues, hoping it would all come together and they might fix problems in post launch patches; the not uncommon approach, given that 100% of D3 players is going to be upon anyhow and therefore unable to avoid patching. But they couldn't very result in the crisis, and so, probably for that good of the game, they chose to delay. By the way, I would end up being shocked if they launch before such as, past due Feb in the soonest. These were crunching to create Dec 2012. Now that they know they cannot, they'll decelerate, rethink the main things, take a good Xmas vacation, etc. Not a way D3 is originating away such as, January 11th. Early Next year means Second quarter?

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