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Do Not Rely on an Aging Model in SWTOR

As a hardcore SWTOR player, I really think that there are necessaries to tell all about my feeling for the game. And now there is a truly important lesson that I've learned in the game - do not rely on aging mode in SWTOR.

EA/Bioware strikes me as something of a chronic gambler here. For years MMOs have attempted a subscription model to try and compete Swtor News with WoW, and for years they've failed, and nearly all have gone free-to-play. "But this time…this time will be different," they say, "We'll strike it rich! We have Star Wars!"

However, we already know how that's turned out. SWTOR has fallen just like the others; the only difference is they spent way, way more money to reach this point. They started building the game when paid subscription felt like it still could work, but by the time it was released, free-to-play had become the new norm. Even their direct competition, World of Warcraft had started losing millions of players to the legions of free-to-play games released in recent years.

Games have a long development cycle yes, particularly MMOs, but you need to be able to predict the future with a degree of accuracy that won't be wasting millions on a model that's no longer a good bet.

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