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Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Dragon is a global mythical creature origin from several country such as China, Japan and Europe. Dragon nest gold  are very popular as a tattoo motive and sign. Dragon have many kind of species like long and flexible dragon, it is very enormous and the most impressive as the tattoo motive. Dragon characterized by have a crude and thick scale, fire breath sprayed from his jaw, broad wing (especially in European myth), no wing but still can fly and have branched horns ( Chinese dragon). This mythical animal are great enough to be Dragon tattoo ornament. Dragon tattoo have a flexible and slender shape make it easy to added in the body mainly in the arms, hands, chest, shoulders and certainly in the back. Dragon have a divine meaning: courage, fearless and tough. In many western country a long time ago dragon is symbolized as the evil creature and rebel to gods, Hydra is the one kind of the western dragon especially in athenian culture. Otherwise the dragon founded in Chinese and Japanese dragon like Oni have a symbol meaning of kind and luck. Japanese dragon is the gigantic creature god believed by many folks lived in the skies and bring down the water from the skies to help the country farms to be fertile and prosperous. Dragon are great influenced in the Japan and China culture, many folks such as peasants and nobles instead are loved this mythical creature because his effort in the prosperous of the country. many folks give a honor and admired it they try to keep the dragon happy and satisfied, if he get angry the dragon can easily destroyed the country by seaquake that caused a tsunami. Tamatori Hime is the one of the prominence dragon tattoo and symbol beside the wind god Fu-Jin and thunder god Rai-Jin from the Buddhist religion. Nowaday dragon are very famous in the tattoo art design. Those who fans with the dragon tattoo culture are not only comes from oriental part of the world but also become a great trends in the west. Dragon are very good to combined with others Japanese tattoo elements. Asian dragon tattoos which are created today can be both traditional as well as modern. They range from being tribal and terrifying to being realistic, charming and sweet. The Asian dragon tattoos which are carved in Japanese style, show dragons without wings, who have paws similar to that of a tiger, their claws are eagle-like, their head is camel-like, they have long whiskers and they may also have some sort of jewel, just below their chin. The Chinese dragon tattoo designs should ideally have a very strong resemblance to snakes. Just like snakes, they have a scaly body. Authentic Chinese dragon tattoo designs have four legs and there are five claws on each of these legs. They are also shown with a pearl under their chin.

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