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EA: Price Was the Issue with SWTOR

Personally I like Star Wars: The Old Republic very much and I know most of my friends like this game also. And that's why I feel so sorry for it is going to be free to play because of many problems.

In fact, the Star Wars: The Old Republic was sort of a huge disaster for EA. The game, which is widely believed to be the most expensive ever made, ended up being an enormous flop. It surged initially to nearly two million players, but has been dropping subs left at right. It certainly wasn't the "WoW-Killer" everyone made it out to be.

Finally, after months of decline, EA is swtor items taking the title free-to-play and hoping that it brings people back in the doors. But will it work? EA's Peter Moore certainly thinks so. Here's what he had to say on the subject in a recent interview:

"Price was always the issue. You talk to people on their way out and say, can you tell me why you're leaving? They said that I just didn't want to pay $15 a month. I felt kind of locked in. I love the game, but I'm locked in, and for a lot of people 15 bucks a month is a lot of money."

Moore also notes that removing the barrier of entry (a subscription fee) will help bring SWTOR from "several hundred thousand people" to "millions."

Anyway, I like the game and I know it will be ok after the F2P mode is released, it's better for both players and developers of the game.

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