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Fallen Earth: This Month and Next Month

We all know that the free to play MMO Fallen Earth will release a blog called "state of the game" every month telling us the new things in the game this month and things are coming next one.

So it seems that in December, the main title for Fallen Earth is the farming land in the game. As you may also know, farms are crafted through construction. There are three levels of farms, 3 plot, 6 plot and 9 plot. The number of plots in the farm determines how many seeds or cloning kits you can plant.

Some people love the farming land, some not. We all know that different people have different ideas about one thing. So, anyway, what's will happen next month in the game?

According to the game developer, they’ll be kicking things off by completing the effects revamp and the next stage of the Coresuit. They've put some very rough drafts of the effects changes on PTS and gotten a lot of amazing feedback. So it seems that the developers are really working hard on this.

Since we can't change much about this game, all we can do is to give our feedbacks. So, why not just have fun first?

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