Fallen Earth via Steam

Fallen Earth, LLC today announced that its self-titled is massively multiplayer online (MMO) game for pre-sale and purchase on Steam ®, a platform for the digital distribution of PC management.
The players before they download digital on the ground through the steam you will have instant access to the game and an exclusive Vapor ® T-shirt for use in the game, when used, the player wins a bonus of 5 per garbage disposal, nature and geology skills, facilitating the production of critical components and a greater chance of lymph rare components of the crop itself also gives you a bonus of 10 + for social skills, the minor nature are dealer discounts. It is for the immediate players in the game are available.

"We are thrilled to offer the earth fell on Steam living community of participants," said Jessica Orr, director of product falls on the earth. "The combination of water vapor contains options to purchase our fans and flexibility."

Fallen Earth takes place in post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon, where the virus Shiva has the majority of the population of the earth be removed. Gamgee players the opportunity to rebuild the decaying world again, or its destruction by the use of progress system without classes, vehicles in real time and seamless integration of entering first-person role in gameplay.

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