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FFXIV Guide Classes combinations and Jobs

A common question is "What classes do I get to become [insert the name of a job here]". In response, here's a quick guide and a summary table of pre-requisite classes for each job Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. As a MMO game, leveling a class higher is just a matter of time and patience, sometimes you need a little skill to save your time, cuz time is very expensive for a game. If you find any problem and need FFXIV gil for support, gamegoldfast is alwasy at your service.

Functioning of classes and jobs

As a reminder in FFXIV operation of different classes of our habits. As before with Final Fantasy XI, the archetypes of our characters are divided into classes and jobs.

Classes are classic and are used to define precisely the skills of our avatar, by cons jobs are sets of two classes (a primary and a secondary) we will make the best of it. Classes and jobs can all be combined on a single character that allows us to use skills from other classes, such as the fate Care of the Elementalist a Gladiator for example.

It combines class is possible from reaching level 10 in any class struggle, then they'll just have to make your class quest to unlock this new "skill."

Once done, you can go talk to the guild master of your new class, and your first quest will change class by changing your main weapon that he has to offer, pretty simple right? The transition from one class to another is not particularly restricted if this is a cooldown on your skills when this change is made out of a city.

Explanation by example:

Personally, I want to become a Paladin, which is a job. To do this, if I refer to the table below, I see that I have as a prerequisite to be both Gladiator Level 30 and Level 15 Elementalist. I will first go to the guild master of gladiators to Ul'dah and get this class up to level 30. Then I'm going to see the master of the guild in Gridania and Elementalists get this class at level 15.

Now that I have my pre-requisites, I can go back to my master's Guild Gladiators (because Gladiator is the main prerequisite, class level 30) to get the job Paladin quest. This quest will allow me to get my Crystal Paladin . This piece of equipment allows you to define our current job, a little like the main weapon that defines our class.

Well, I am Paladin!

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