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Fire Mage Detailed in the New Darkfall Unholy Wars Video

We all know that the upcoming MMO Darkfall: Unholy Wars is set hundreds of years after the events of Darkfall, in a world that has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and inhabited by creatures that have slightly evolved over their predecessor. Recently, the game maker has released a new video darkfall gold hack about the something new in the game.

Aventurine has released a new video that shows off the skills of one aspect of Darkfall Unholy Wars' Elementalist role, and casters and pyros-at-heart will enjoy a look into the Fire Mage. Feel like swimming through a bubbling lake of lava? Cast a self-buff and dive right in! Is it just like to lob flaming balls at others and watch them catch fire? Then Fire Mage is the class for you!

What's more, this particular fire mage uses an arsenal of fiery tricks to best opponents. The class focuses on medium - to long-range combat and incorporates knockbacks and area effects into many of the spells.

This video is available on Google and you can check for the demonstration of Dragon breath, Magma Bomb, Heat Stroke, and other skills in Darkfall: Unholy Wars.

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