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Five Things Should Be Added to SWTOR

Honestly, I copied the following contents from the official SWTOR forums. It is because I do like this game and I do hope those suggestions can make the game to be a great one. SWTOR is awesome, but it is still not perfect.

"The game should allow same Gender Romance. I'm surprised they didn't add it from the start, but that's for another thread.

BioWare should offer a subscription Members Cartel Discount. I couldn't agree with this more! I think that subs with Legacy level X should get a break on some of the shop items.

Free Roaming Space. My husband would love this. That might be enough to get me into space missions.

Provide some Swtor Items Guild Ships/Guild Activities. There needs to be more in the game to encourage guilds.
Mini Games. I really feel that there should be an alternative to dailies and/or just killing. Maybe even get some server wide competition between guilds. I can see it now; a full blown Sabbac tournament in the server."

These five things are somehow little on their own but they do meant a lot when they get together. They can improve the game experience a lot, don't you think so?

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