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Free to Play Update of SWTOR Is Alive

Most of us have been waiting for such a long time. And now it is here; do you feel unbelievable and excited? After teasing for months, the game SWTOR is now free to play, despite if the new update is the last change for keeping the game stay alive. It must be a difficult decision, but they don't have a choice.

It is actually seven years to the day after Star Wars Galaxies updated with its New Game Enhancement patch, Star Wars: The Old Republic will officially transition into a free-to-play MMO. Today, the servers swtor credits buy came down for the update and they are still down at the time of this writing.

The update is alive last weekend. After they were restored, Star Wars: The Old Republic is free to download and to play for as long as a gamer wants. A free player can play through to the level cap and complete the game's story. However, a number of restrictions apply for free players.

And moreover, in order to play the F2P model, you have to remember the restrictions. These restrictions, like the weekly limit, can be lifted by making purchases in the game's new Cartel Market. This in-game store sells items, account privileges, and the like for Cartel Coins. Cartel Coins are purchased with real money and they are rewarded as a stipend for monthly subscribers.

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