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World of Warcraft is a game from the U.S. game company Blizzard Entertainment, which previously has been behind many groundbreaking strategy game series StarCraft, and Warcraft, where that is World of Warcraft is a kind of further development of the latter. Unlike previous Blizzard game is not World of Warcraft a strategy game, but a lot of online-based role playing game (MMORPG also shortened; Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game). This says you may not be as much, but hang with you on the next pages we will make an attempt to explain it.

Races and classes

World of Warcraft is said that an online-based computer role-playing game where you play a character - her avatar - along with thousands of like-minded towards other human and computer-controlled characters. You start by selecting one of the two warring factions in the game, the Horde or the Alliance, each with five different breeds. The different races vary from trolls, orcs, humans, gnomes and elves. Furthermore, you are choosing a class, which range from warriors to mages, priest, druid and shamans. The point of classes is that they have different characteristics and abilities, and class selection is therefore crucial for the role you will play in his adventures in the fantasy world of Azeroth.

Development curve

There are two key factors that determine how well your avatar is. The first is what level it is on. You start on the 1st level and progression is linear up to the 70th level. To go up in level, it is necessary to kill dragons, trolls, zombies and a whole host of different monsters. The process of reaching the top level can take up to several months, depending on how much you play. When you go up in level is strong and the avatar master class skills better - which in turn makes it possible to kill more dragons and monsters. Besides the equipment level is also central to how powerful you are. Equipment you get by doing work for the citizens of Azeroth and by killing monsters.

Guild Organization

The most central in the World of Warcraft, especially after they have come to the 70th level, guild or guilds. These are groups of between 5 to 100 players who come together and form their own factions. Are important guilds in World of Warcraft from two main reasons. One is the social aspektetet: talking and playing every day with the same other people. The second aspektetet is what is called raids. Raid Groups is when you gather a large group of players (25 or 40) and is required to make dragons and giants who never could have alone. In such situations it is very important that the various players master their class as much as possible, it is often very much due to the tactics behind the biggest battles.

Player vs player

World of Warcraft is not just about going together to fight against big dragons and demons, but also to fight against their human rivals. As I innledningvis was built on, there are two rival factions in the game, the Horde and the Alliance, which is almost constant war with each other. Many players devote their time in World of Warcraft exclusively to hunt their human opponents and take strategic points around the fantasy world.

Wrote thesis on World of Warcraft

Andreas Nordreide, sociology student at the University of Bergen, wrote thesis about World of Warcraft. - The main focus of my thesis was to see how World of Warcraft works like a rational product-based stimuli throughout. All progress in the game, be it related to level, equipment and competition with other players, can very easily be measured. This puts the player in a situation where you want to maximize profits all the way, says Nordreide. - The character you play can always be done better and you have very good overview of how this can be done and where the trail lying, "he continues. Nordreide believe this reward system in combination with the social relations are experienced in the game, is the main reason behind its popularity.

- Error to demonize

While the system in World of Warcraft makes it very easy to become hooked on the game, believes that while Nordreide is wrong to demonize WoW as addictive. - I myself was very hooked on the game while I was doing my thesis, and I know this also applies to many others. The point of World of Warcraft, and the reason that the game is so successful is that there is no whip, just a carrot, "says Nordreide and continues: - More World of Warcraft may encourage excessive use of time, I believe it is wrong to demonize the game on that basis. Maximization of stimuli is a general tendency in today's entertainment community, just look at the advertising industry. That set is not World of Warcraft a particular phenomenon, "he concludes.


Not as bad as everyone wants it to

You wake up like everyone else, eat breakfast and do some schoolwork. So may you feel to sit a few hours and play some WoW (World of Warcraft). There's not much difference if you do this or watch TV for a few hours. In fact, I'd rather say that games are more interactive than the brain dead bush TV often gives us. After a few hours of gameplay, you often log off and go to town to greet their friends. Flesh and blood after all, better than digital representations. It is not inconceivable that the friends you have on the town are the same as they have in the game.

Countless articles have described how terrible this game is for people. How do people lose total touch with reality and play for ages. True, the first day playing the game, much of the time to go just that, like everything else you get is new. After a time, often reduces the extreme interest and you get a more normal relationship with it. The problem with articles being written about WoW is that they often only reflect the minority and the very special cases. That game will be compared with drugs is almost a regular in these articles. It is in this respect is important to note that there are people who are alike, and often more fanatical than other genres of games. There are those who read books or watching TV all day. "But it's OK, because it takes place in front of a PC," the conventional wisdom seems to be. Today there are so few know that you play WoW activated some stereotypes and social cases. It often ends with contempt. Since many players know about these stereotypical perceptions, many choose to hide their interest in the game - which also apply not only to World of Warcraft.

One of the most well-known horror stories about computer game addiction is the story of "the foreign kid". This boy is like the U.S., Korea or Japan. He buys WoW and get so hung up on this that he can not put it down. He plays for several days and forget to eat. The result is that he dies in front of the screen while he plays. Tragic, very tragic. We find identical stories in many newspapers and websites when it comes to other games, not just WoW. Is it that you simply can not put up anything when you are starting with it, be it a TV series, video games or any hobby, it's hardly a healthy sign - without necessarily so much with the hobby to do. Of course, it is important to emphasize that the games can be addictive. As with many other media. It is also important to remember that most people who play the game is completely normal and can juggle playing just fine with both work, study and social life. WoW is just a means to combat boredom on the spot, it's a hobby - an ordinary, innocent, non-lethal hobby. Currently there is not.

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