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General aion tips for beginners

Aion beginners should keep it in mind that most class skills are updated at level 10, 13, 16, and level 19. You will save time if you make a plan on your trips back to the city at these levels. You also can save time if you have the kinah to buy as many upgrades as you can all at once

Gliding is helpful in quick travel, however, it is definitely an art form. For the best results, you use your Num Lock or auto-run key, and then jump from hill peaks or ledges then hit your jump key again, while in mid-air, to glide. You are able to use your mouse to control your direction and elevation. Glide also helps you from falling damage. Hit your jump key before you hit the ground to float safely down.

Change channels when you get a little too crowded in your adventuring area. Aion installs instances in order to keep zones in aion from over-crowding and in the case all you have to do is to switch to click on your menu buttons which is located at the bottom of your UI, hover over “support” and choose “change channel”. A box will pop up at the top of your screen showing you which channel you are in and allowing you to drop it down and choose a different channel.


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