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German Advocacy Group Negotiation with Diablo 3 Always online Problems

Since it was launched back in May, the best-selling action RPG Diablo 3 has been on a very bumpy way. And this week, the situation is even worse. The Wizard exploit and the latest-found Barbarian exploit make players complain a lot, and then the German problem is giving another hit to diablo 3 gold Blizzard.

There is a German consumer advocacy group called the Federation of Consumer Organizations. It is threatening legal action to the game's always-on Internet requirement. Diablo 3 requires players to have a constant connection to the Internet and to the servers hosted by Blizzard, even when they are playing the single-player portion of the game.

In fact, gamers around the world have already complained that the constant connection requirement has made it difficult and sometimes impossible for them to connect to and play the game they dropped their hard-earned money on.

It is said that the buy diablo 3 goldorganization had given Blizzard until July 20 to repackage Diablo 3 boxes to more clearly explain the Internet and server connection requirements. But German users are reportedly still having issues playing the game and so the advocacy group is demanding the game studio respond by July 27 with fixes for the problem, or face legal action.

The bad thing is that Germany isn't the only country where Blizzard is being taken to task for the Diablo 3 always-on requirement. The company has taken a beating in France. And in South Korea, the government not only raided Blizzard's office in Seoul, but Blizzard now faces a class-action lawsuit from Internet cafe owners.

As we all know that last week Blizzard president and co-founder Mike Morhaime wrote an open letter to the players insisting that "the online requirement is critical for the long-term integrity of the game experience." He said he can fully understand players' desire on diablo 3 gold sale playing the game offline. However, I think Blizzard should really think about it and give players a reasonable answer.

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