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Get Into the Game and Level Up Fast in SWTOR

As we all know that the famous video game SWTOR is going to be free to play in this fall. Its absolutely not a good news for a online game, however, it is for us players. But do you know swtor credits how to level up quickly in the game?

In fact, as you may not believe me, there is variety of ways to level up in SWTOR but there’s only one way to level up fast. I will share some tips and tricks you guys can use to level up faster than most players out there. Keep in mind leveling does take time. So the more you play the faster you'll level up.

First is doing quest that have multiple stages help a lot as they provide extra xp and rewards. It’s a good idea to keep this in mind as even little things like this will make you level faster.

Next, save time while you can, use vehicles, companions and spaceships to get to different places faster. The faster you get some where the more time you have to do quests. There are also two abilities you can use called quick travel and emergency fleet pass. The only downside to the emergency fleep pass is that it has a cool down time of 18 hours, so choose wisely when to use it.

Then it is the PvP quest. Doing pvp quest will help you level up as well. Once you hit lvl 12 you can start engaging in PVP quests. You can find them in the PVP terminal found in the imperial fleet or the republic fleet. It’s a good idea to use the emergency pass to get back to this place.

You should also know the flashpoint quests, these quests can be found in the daily mission terminal which usually give you 2 flashpoints to choose from. They usually offer a nice reward when completed. This also ties into flashpoint and group quests, which are if you can put a group together.

As a matter of fact, the SWTOR is a little bit different than most MMO games. It has swtor credits a very unique storyline and most people like to listen to the story of this game so there is no reason to level up fast unless you’re more into PVP.

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