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Gladiators as Warrior sub class in Aion Online

When you are at the level 9 and complete your Ascension Quest, you are able to choose sub-class. Immediately upon level 9, you are automatically given the Ascension Quest. Once you finish your Ascension quest, you then have to decide on which sub-class to choose.
Gladiators are the DPS side of the Warrior Class. Either pole arms or great swords is used as their primary weapon. Gladiators are the masters of close-ranged melee damage by pure strength. They are designed to mainly deal high amounts of melee damage and to stun their opponent. They are able to wear plate armor which give them the ability of high amounts of physical defense. This, and he ability of two-handed weapons with high amounts of parry, grants them with the ability to be suitable tanks despite not using a shield. in short, gladiators are able to post high threat through their damage, but they do have the ability to taunt as early as Level 10.
Their ability features of Gladiator are in the following ways.
Brute strength as their main melee abilities is on their focus. 1. when you are using a 2h weapon, Gladiators typically pay full attention on Physical Chits, and they use their ability to continuously knock their opponents down. 2. Gladiator also use AE abilities to hit multiple opponents. They face the biggest challenge in Player versus Player content which is to keep their opponents within melee range. It is still a big challenge, although they are able to get help from Stigmas at higher levels to realize that goal.
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