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Graphical Updates for SWTOR Update 1.5 Teased

Every time when a video game, especially a game that I am dealing with, is getting updated, I feel particularly pleased. That's because I have to write posts about games and it is really hard for me to write something valuable is the game is always like that and has no news. So, this time I am so happy about the SWTOR's update 1.5.

I think the same is true for you if you are the hardcore player of the game. It's time to start getting excited for Star Wars: The Old Republic's upcoming 1.5 update. In order to whet your appetite for change, Senior Technical Artist Ben Cloward has graced fans with a glimpse of one of the big graphical swtor powerleveling changes that'll be coming in with the patch.

According to the official thread, the Foliage is going to be a lot more beautiful and realistic. Instead of looking solid and therefore unnaturally dark when viewed against the sun, players with their Shader Complexity set to High will notice that leaves and grass will be moderately translucent, allowing sunlight to filter through them. While this may be but one small step for graphics, it's joined by "some even better improvements in the pipe," according to Cloward.

For me (as I am also a player in the SWTOR), Despite some of SWTOR's problems, they have made a lot of improvements to the gamE. I have played pretty much non-stop since launch and I absolutely love it and will continue to. I think they've done a good job trying to make it a good game. I think it also will do well F2P. Doing small graphical updates is a good start.

Therefore, what do you think? If you have seen the thread in the official forum, do you think the improvements are awesome? Do you expect the game update 1.5 just like I do?

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