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Grinding Aion Kinah

As kinah is the currency and lifeblood of Aion, many players are concerned with their amount of kinah from the moment they start playing. However, it is not advisable to worry about kinah during the beginning of the game after making a character.
In Aion, the amount of kinah which is actually needed at lower levels is trivial, as is the ability to get aion kinah from gaming activities. The first nine levels of Aion are about character development rather than equipment. Since it isn't necessary to spend kinah, it isn't necessary to get kinah.
Kinah does not play an important role in Aion until you are at about level nine and have become a 'Daeva', which grants access to the artisans in your capital city. Equipment, supplies, and tradeskills now become available and will be an important source of Kinah.
Of course, just as with money in the real world, you gotta have kinah to make kinah. (You will need a little kinah to get started before working with tradeskills and artisans.)
Getting your first kinah:
To get started on the path of wealth generation, you need to prime the pump.. with kinah! Just like a water pump is primed with water. If you don't have a friend that can give you a small loan of kinah, then it's time to begin gaining kinah by doing some of the following.
1. Kill creatures for kinah 2. Kill creatures which provide materials and essences (which can be traded for kinah) 3. Do quests (which have kinah rewards, and involve killing creatures, which in turn drop more kinah, and items which can be traded for kinah.)
Killing creatures is a boring way of doing kinah, but it does have the benefit of providing experience. Although you will be able to quickly gain kinah later in the game without any killing or questing, you might want to stick to the methods of killing and questing because they provide kinah AND experience. (What good is it to be kinah rich and power poor?)
Some basic tips on improving your efficiency of grinding kinah.
1. Don't carry too much, leave room for found equipment so you can explore for great distances and have more to sell for kinah with each trip. 2. If you venture out of town in a straight line for exploration, stop exploring when you are at 50% capacity. If you kill everything on the way back, you will be full of items to sell for kinah when you reach town. 3. Stock up on restorative items such as food, bandages, etc. This allows you to grind for kinah longer with each trip, rather than spending all your time traveling. 4. Don't fight more than one monster at a time. If you do, you'll spend more time recovering HP which could have been spent killing monsters for kinah. 5. Bank your kinah so that you don't loose any as a penalty when you die. There isn't much to buy with kinah in the wilderness anyway, and kinah has weight that can affect your carrying capacity. Banks do not have any kind of surcharge for storing your kinah, so after stocking up for a trip out of town, it's best to deposit all of your kinah for safekeeping.
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